Can you be your own Boss ?

Being "self employed" may sound like a dream, a fantasy to many of us. And because reality is  almost different from fantasy, I would like to share some conclusions I have come to, as a freelancer and as an employee.

Would you like to be your own boss ? Then remember that you will also be your own employee, and you will need to be ready for it. This involves discipline, commitment, organization, and many other skills and practices you are expected to obey, and to develop on the go such in a company. [read more..]

Tounsia is 5 years old (part 2) : Hidden Odds in the Way

How can we define a media online ? Does it refer to any website broadcasting news and/or investigations and/or opinions ? It does, but...

For years, some hundreds of websites have seen the day in the world wide web, all of them have been competing to bring the most exciting news to the Internet users. Dozens of these online media have even initiated alternative journalism including insightful data-driven news, handmade investigations, etc. [read more..]

Tounsia is 5 years old (part 1) : something has changed, for good !

It has been a long time since I last blogged about my first love, Tounsia, my very first experience in the web entrepreneurship world.

This online media project has never been stuck to a specific business model or strictly defined editorial guidelines, rather, Tounsia aimed at being the voice of its community as it began.

As stated before, the website was expected to bring the opinions of the Tunisian Women, citizen before all, as opposite to the former regime's propaganda promoting women's rights without civil society contribution. [read more..]