Fast & Easy Money online : Seriously ?

How many times have you been tempted by one of those appealing ads : 

Make $1000 a month ! 
Earn Now For Free Doing No work !
No Work Required Earn $$$ Now

You can even find better promises and guess what, they are as beautiful and unlimited as your dreams ! This business is commonly called "network marketing".

Either in the virtual or in the real world, instructions are nearly the same. Mostly, you have to pay a minimal amount before you start to win extra-income which is expected to... exceed your basic income !

Riviera for Skype : Listen to your calls later !

Have you ever wondered how to take notes while listening and/or sharing some business talks ? That sounds pretty challenging.. but not anymore !

If you are Windows user, you can give a free try to Riviera for Skype, which is designed to be your intuitive call recorder. From now on, take full advantage of your important conversations, interviews and conference calls that never repeat twice !

3 reasons why you should invest in Facebook Ads

to promote your brand page

And this is not an advertising note :-) Rather, I like to describe my own experience with this paid solution, comparing to free marketing strategies I have been using on Facebook.

Over the last years, Facebook has updated more than once its layout and many of its features, including the famous facebook pages basically made to promote business and media.

As any beginner, willing to recruit free fans on this growing network, I have been trying to take advantage on every feature, like sharing my page on my connections walls, and obviously, inviting them to join my page, asking them to invite their friends, etc.