Productivity : There is no best solution


"Big Data" has been the trending word for years now. Data is everywhere, it surrounds us, in every corner across our non-stop digital journey. We even produce data, whoever we are : Anyone can save his own favorites, recommends some place, leave notes on some article, etc.

This is great, until we powerlessly realize that we don't find the information we need in the right moment. So you decide, it is time to put some order in your notes. You start looking for your assistant, and you find numerous solutions all of them claiming to be be your best companion. Then, you may stick to your good old notebook or agenda. However, you have tons of links, images, voice notes, complex information, timestamps, some files here and there, .. you can not avoid digital solutions ! 

How to Overcome declining Facebook Organic Reach ?

The issue I am going to talk about an annoying issue which has been reported by dozens of professionals for 2 years

Major marketing agencies and brands worldwide that have invested considerable amounts of money on Facebook marketing in the hope to get in touch with their fans and prospects and to build large business pages, only to discover one day, powerlessly, that they have to pay once again to reach their fans... Otherwise, organic reach (without post promotion) has been declining according to some studies. Facebook did confirm this trend and provided two reasons to justify this one-side decision (Customer is King, you said) :  

Getting in touch with your Facebook community has never been that easy

No, this is not a promotional note. I have been deceived by some Facebook features updated, removed or missing in Facebook, but when it comes to Facebook Pages Inbox, I do appreciate the news. Seemingly, Facebook has brought enhancements which are clearly thought to match professional needs of community managers. 

Some months ago, we have been offered the ability to prepare draft messages for a quick reply to some recurrent requests, not to mention the ability to archive an irrelevant message to keep the inbox clean. [read more..]