Riviera for Skype : Listen to your calls later !

Have you ever wondered how to take notes while listening and/or sharing some business talks ? That sounds pretty challenging.. but not anymore !

If you are Windows user, you can give a free try to Riviera for Skype, which is designed to be your intuitive call recorder. From now on, take full advantage of your important conversations, interviews and conference calls that never repeat twice !

No matter you are calling a regular Skype contact, or a mobile, it is quite possible to enable Riviera for Skype to record your talks using MP3 format, regardless to how long they are !

Note that video recording is supported as well. Furthermore, after you get your full copy of Riviera for Skype, you will have right to free updates and upgrades, for ever ! I do believe, this is one smart investment, shall you try it for free ? Here is the link to download it.


kristy lucas said...

I think this is a great application to download and install on my PC so that I can track and record all of my conversation with my client. Thanks for informing us Khalil. Racks and UPS

Anonymous said...

Skype Riviera is a piece of crap that doesn't work. After incessant pleading for assistance from the (supposed) tech support team, I've yet to get a response. I'm now prepared to report them to the Federal Trade Commission for selling an unworkable, fake product.

Don't waste your money on this bogus product. They take your money and run.

EVoice said...

Does it only work with Skype? I would like to try it. It's a pretty good option for people who want to review their notes in the future. I notice that some people have said that it doesn't work as well as it should but maybe updates have been done since then.

helen said...

That's a really handy application.

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