My Way

Purpose of this blog : 

Through this blog, I like to share tips and thoughts around the wonderful synergy between media and statistics, which are strongly to each other in the virtual world. 

There is a plethora of available data describing exact impact of various online marketing campaigns, and more generally visitors behavior. This data can be processed and analyzed to provide useful information to help marketers to adjust their actions and to improve their ROI. 

I like to offer the "branding" section of my blog to everyone who dreams to monetize his website and to build notoriety. Because we all face common odds and challenges. 

On the other hand, online media can beautifully describe data sets turning them into infographics and interactive charts. Data journalism has been more and more appreciated by the Internet users willing to understand and to criticize the large amounts of information and news. 

Finally, I like to review every practice and tool which helped me to enjoy my work and my usage of the World Wide Web. Productivity is one of the key topics of my blog.  

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infographic - last update: April 2015        

From college to professional life

For over 3 years, I studied statistical engineering enabling to to provide decision in various professional activity. Though, I was particularly interested in the online industry and I started to practice common web marketing. Here was my motivation :

1- There is a plethora of collectable, measurable and instant data useful for web based business, providing them with accurate answers to questions like : How do Internet users interact with ads ? How do they use an online shopping cart ? what do they say about a brand ?

2- I was tempted to invest in the world wide web, as it is low cost and provides a wide range of creative business and marketing ideas.

In 2010, I co-founded, along with Bayrem Zouari, a digital artist, a cultural web-magazine connected to the women community nationwide and abroad. The website is concerned with several themes such as citizen feminism, society and education, not to forget the basic lifestyle attractions (indoors, outdoors and events, fashion, culinary arts, ..) in the hope to get more chances to monetize the project.

It is now 4 years old , I would say that it has been highly instructive. Constant updates upon webdesign, editorial guidelines and business model had to be done, in order to better match both community and advertisers expectations. Branding has been a passionate and an evolutionary challenge.

This is why like to exchange with business owners and entrepreneurs willing to build a solid reputation on the World Wide Web and to take advantage of it. I was encouraged by Ichrak Souilem, an ambitious event planner, to start altogether a web critics and entrepreneurship blogzine, 'Surf 'n' Taste' which aims at reviewing web and mobile experiences and supporting ambitious ideas. 

This project has been interested in the new digital start-ups exploring and developing innovative business models. Surf 'n' Taste is focused on Tunisia's cyber economy challenged to democratize e-commerce among consumers, to promote e-tourism and to bring a new image of the country worldwide, etc.

Another way through which statistics and media can evolve together : 

Last years, Tunisian people and media have been increasingly interested in socio-economic insights which have been stirring fervent debates around political programs. This is a new and exciting phenomenon brought to us after the 2011 revolution. 

I was wondering how to use both my statistical background and my passion for the online media. The answer was so close : more and more data-journalism blogs were rising everywhere in the world wide web. These new trend media produces and/or visualizes data, coming up with beautiful and insightful graphics. 

That way, I was incited to start a local data-driven news blog, "" in 2012. The site has been evolving thanks to readers suggestions and questions, and to the support of engaged citizens and NGOs promoting open democracy and governance.