My services

- How is your business/media performing online ?

- What can you learn from the market ?

- How to make your website more profitable ?

I have been working for more than five years on auditing online marketing efforts and taking actions to make them even more effective by :

- Creating content which can be 1- textual (including advertising material and technical reviews) or visual (infographics and interactive charts, here are some works).

- Conducting immediate online campaigns which can have immediate impact across the social media (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads) and to increase visibility of specific products or information in the search engines (Google Adwords).

- Building long-term practices and strategies to make website relied and trusted by the search engines (quality link building, content optimization, e-reputation management and monitoring across the social media).

Before and during any marketing action, data are highly valuable to watch how is your online media or business initially performing, and how it is evolving in the worldwide web universe.

As the winning practices are always subject to change and evolution, competitive intelligence is a must. In-depth market research helps not only to get to know about your competitors, to get inspired, but also, to pick valuable opportunities to increase your visibility and/or sales.

Above all, we should  master your growing data and information, this has always been a concern in my own online projects and working with some clients on the long term. I highly value useful and customized solutions, which can be designed and/or combined from existing software, to optimize workflow and for an efficient knowledge management.