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Tounsia : 5 months later

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New born webzine is now 5 months old. It's amazing to see and to live the evolution of a concept & business for which I have had much of passion.

Here is my first post about this experience. Though, I like to share some new thoughts and practices I have learnt along the last months.

The goal of our team has been to reach people as far as possible, to drive considerable traffic then to turn visits into money.
What about reality ?

(-) Building links in common tools (directories, forums, blogs, press release, ...) doesn't always result in the expected huge traffic.

(-) Mostly, our new members "have not time" to check the features of the webzine. However, social networks are more likely to catch visitors and to make them more loyal.

(-) There are many experienced competitors (online and paper magazines) and new motivated ones, evolving in the same niche.

(-) Then it's not obvious att all that an advertiser will immediately pay to be in our webzine itself. This is totally another concern, welcome to commercial tactics !

Illustrated by Bayrem Zouari
Copyright © 2008-2010 .

When I chose to venture into this project and to support its founder, graphic designer, it was clear for both of us that success is the only option. We believe that we have enough power and resources to make of this webzine enough popular, lovelable and trusted...

synergy and innovative ideas have to be found in our team for effective branding of Tounsia 4Ever, the web magazine of tunisian modern women.

Stay tuned for more details. Here is the guideline of the
next posts :

1) Social Marketing : choosing the plateforms . settling a strategy.
2) Tracking competitors is better than feeling ok.
3) Be unique ! How to make visitors and advertisers trust your site.
4) Partnership and public relations are vital.
5) And ... think about the future and the risks.

To be continued ...

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