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Getting in touch with your Facebook community has never been that easy

No, this is not a promotional note. I have been deceived by some Facebook features updated, removed or missing in Facebook, but when it comes to Facebook Pages Inbox, I do appreciate the news. Seemingly, Facebook has brought enhancements which are clearly thought to match professional needs of community managers. 

Some months ago, we have been offered the ability to prepare draft messages for a quick reply to some recurrent requests, not to mention the ability to archive an irrelevant message to keep the inbox clean. [read more..]

Since some days, the Facebook Pages inbox has known a major user interface update : messages are not longer displayed as annoying popup. The new design is a way similar to the personal Facebook inbox, giving a more personal touch to that working space. 

Working, yes, as you can know about your prospect or contributor at a glance : basic public information is displayed in the same screen. This is a huge advantage when you use the Facebook Page Inbox in a mobile device. 

On the other hand, you can tag the conversation, which makes it easier to retrieve it. This feature remind us the Gmail labels option. Even better, you can now leave notes next to each conversation.

We truly believe that Facebook made significant efforts to make the community managers work even more enjoyable and professional. We just hope this platform to keep evolving... and also, to keep these features we are enjoying. 

We never forget when we simply lost our old Facebook Group Forums after the new FB groups format were released. And we never forget the extinction of the Facebook Questions once helpful to both brands and media. 

Getting in touch with your Facebook community has never been that easy Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on December 17, 2015 Rating: 5


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