When Good Habits vanish

By Khalil Gdoura - May 07, 2020

Habits.. they are ironically easy to establish and easy to.. abandon. A few months ago, I committed to learning a new language, following a serious yet gentle program : 30 minutes every morning before anything else.

That worked like a charm until the day I wondered : "let me do it later, I want to save this moment of freshness to start my work early". Well, I did not find that precious time & energy later. The days after were dictated by that insane, stubborn perfectionism which subtly debunked my habit to the point that I totally forgot it.

Lesson learnt : If you succeed to implement a tiny habit, do not rush it, do not let that "selfish" inner voice interfere unless your habit does not match your goals and values anymore.

Picture from immortal Kesra by Aziza Fathallah

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