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My Verdict on the Claim "Neuro Linguistic Programming is Pseudoscience"

Is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) pseudoscience ? This question has been around for years, sowing doubt about a practice which has gone widespread alike. Today, after having completed two years of learning combined with NLP-based coaching practice, I would love to share my personal take. 

At the Origins of the Appellation

Neuro linguistic programming.. such an unlikely marriage of words which means : Our behavior is conditioned by the way our neurons are connected to each other. Trivial. Whereas, those networks are found to be reshapable at any moment of our lives. Words — aka self talk — are particularly powerful in this regard.

How can this happen ?

Science said that neuroplasticity is real, constantly triggered by our learning and adaptation to different environments, contexts and persons along the way. 

Who started NLP ?

Back to the 1970s, Richard Bandler, psychologist, and John Grinder, linguist, put their skills and efforts in common, modeling some of the most successful psychiatrists of their time, namely Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.

For this purpose, thorough research had been conducted for ..  [read more on Medium]

My Verdict on the Claim "Neuro Linguistic Programming is Pseudoscience" Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on September 25, 2020 Rating: 5


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  13. The authors of a paper on NLP's quick cure for height phobia (Arroll et al., 2017), who noted that their paper was initially rejected by a reputable journal, along with the recommendation to remove the references to NLP in order to achieve publication, noted that NLP appears to have become stigmatized despite this small but growing evidence base (Arroll & Henwood, 2017). The authors claimed that after making this one alteration, publication was attained. This has the potential to create a vicious cycle where NLP is both prevented from building an evidence basis in which it is expressly labeled because it isn't thought to be a viable approach and can be disregarded as an approach because it lacks an evidence foundation.

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