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Courses, Exams, and then?

I am student in statistical engineering, 5th grade. I have just sit for my final exams.Suddenly, I became free, I no longer think about my homework, tests, exams, ...

Nevertheless, from now on, I have to focus on my end of studies internship.
I am supposed to become a statistical engineer, in only five months. Then, I would be able to apply for a job and pridely reclaim salary...

The question is, am I enough proud of myself to go as far as I want? Would I be ready to think, behave and work such an engineer?

For five years ago, since I left highschool, I have had mainly courses at theorotical subjects in mathematics, statistics, finance and computer science.

Some clever professors gave smart courses based on real examples in professional life. However, there is big difference between listening to a lovely course showing specific application of statistics, and performing that application itself!

Recently, I have had two job interviews with companies i had contacted to find an internship. One of these firms focused on business intelligence, and needs practical skills in databases management and datamining, while the other firm requires mainly good skills in forecasting and prediction for quality assurance.

In both interviews, I faced the same problem : I could not detail what i can do with software for statistical and programming usage, either because my level is basic, or i have not used the software for a long time...

Now, I am engaged with a webmarketing firm I knew before, to achieve my end of studies project, which deals with web usage mining. I can say this firm was not strict as much as others, but also.. doesn't deal with my education as well as the two others.

Regarding these facts, I guess I have to work hard on my internship, to get updated on software and theorotical knowledge i had in college.

By blogging, I am decided to work regularly, to consider others' works worldwide on the Internet, and to constantly improve my skills and ambitions.

I am willing to change, Later, I want to feel the pride when graduated "engineer".

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