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My first program

During the scholar year 2001/2002, I wanted to enter the computer club of "Jeunes & Sciences", the tunisian association dealing with various scientific activities for teenagers, monitored by a bit elder youngsters.

We had to learn how to use Visual Basic, version 6. After we get initiated to the software, one of the monitors had the genius idea to stir up our learning by making a competition.

The challenge was to develop a sliding puzzle : the fifteen puzzle.

That was teasing! I liked the mathematical background and the programming issues it gives. However, I also liked the astute ways Visual Basic gives throughout its graphical properties.

Weeks after, I could finally run the game. The joy was big, but some issues were raising :
* The source-code was long and not optimized at all.
* Some rare but unexpected bugs appeared while playing.
* Developing some advanced functions.
* How to automatically combine a solvable puzzle!
* How to save data of players in memory.
And others..

After my first programming experience, I learnt that a programmer's task doesn't stop after solving the problem. Testing and optimizing the software are necessary. Environment (Windows) and compatibility, .. have also to be considered.

Here is a preview of the game.

The start window

Choose a puzzle. I figured 8,
i did not develop random puzzles!

Choose a puzzle. I figured 8,
i did not develop random puzzles!

If the player wins, a window is displayed
to enter the name of the player, which saved
with the time elapsed.

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My first program Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on February 20, 2009 Rating: 5

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