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Figures can be rude or... not ! Three Ways to better present your media kit

Total Visits and Total Pageviews ,such master figures are commonly appreciated by your advertiser / ad-agency, to properly estimate the impact of their campaigns.

Though, the potential of your website can’t be described using only these figures. Here are some additional insights you can join to your media kit and reports to make your client more trustful.

Audience = Ideal Target

How much is your website suitable for your advertiser products, and vice-versa? Let’s look at an example : your site is dedicated for geeks, then you would be more lucky to get a software reseller or trainer interested in your media.

It would be interesting to provide a broader information about your site members: occupation, average age, main locations, etc. Keep on mind that advertiser wants his banner to be viewed, clicked, and more…

Making sure that your audience profile meets your advertiser’s target can be a valuable guarantee of return-on-investment. Definitely, your advertiser expects for real results from a virtual campaign.

Are you famous ? Say it loudly ! Say it proudly !

A wide range of figures can be witness to your website popularity:

- Total fans and followers over Facebook, Twitter, etc.

- Total subscribers to newsletter and members of your site.
- Total backlinks from well-known websites and blogs in your niche.
- Total shares on your content, through popular social media.

Statistics are not everything. Think to attach impressive screenshots showing your articles and press releases published in famous webzines.

You are engaging your community

The more often visitors come back to your site, the better they remember and interact with your advertising content.

Your prospects appreciate when they can take advantage of your close and successful user experience. For this, you can check:

- Percentage of repeat visitors.

- Progress of new registrations on your forum, for example.

- Engagement rate of your Facebook Page updates.

These are some suggestions to enrich your media kit, and to give a meaning for numbers. In the following, let us see in depth :

- How to calculate and to enhance your Facebook Page engagement rate ?
- How to track shares of your content over any external service ?

- How to get more repeat visitors ?

Have fun on writing and updating your media kit, thank you for reading, stay tuned !

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