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Best branding using Facebook Pages, Groups or Profiles ?

1 - Compare

Basically, Facebook Pages offer many great features to customize your presentation as far as you want. For instance, you can insert a welcome page including contact form or links to your website. Pages are also ideal to link with your YouTube, Twitter and a wide range of useful services.
On the other hand, groups using the new layout are good for discussions, while profiles are supposed to represent real persons.
Groups and profiles bring interesting features pages don’t have.

- They make communication closer and “more human”.
- They better bring your updates to your fans (members) through messaging and notifications.
Using groups or simply profiles, let you reach a maximum of your fans and to interact with them in a better way. That’s what is branding about. Let’s take a glance at pros and cons of these tools on Facebook.

2 - Take it !
Page or group ? In my opinion, it would be better to take advantage of both. While your business page perfectly presents your brand / media and give it a professional appearance, groups help you to develop and to spice up a community of potential customers or readers (in the case you are branding your new website).
Groups are powerful to immediately engage most people, whereas pages ensure your notoriety and reputation in the long term.
Finally, let us keep on mind that we subscribed in Facebook, basically to keep in touch with our friends. We are more careful to what they share and like, and reciprocally. Let us find a way to encourage our fans to engage their friends, using Facebook Apps and buzzing videos, for example.

Best branding using Facebook Pages, Groups or Profiles ? Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on May 04, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. Groups' url are no longer difficult to spell. In fact, you just need to choose an email for your group, whose url would be customized.

    example :

    group title : "webmarketing"
    email :

    your group url will be :


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