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Pocket (formerly "Read it later !") : An improved bookmarking solution

While browsing the web, you are continuously exposed to great discoveries and interesting articles you did not suspect.. But you are in office, you are busy, or in hurry… so you like to read such article or revisit such website to sign up, etc.

Read It Later is basically a bookmarking solution. First time I used it, I wondered how it can be different from default bookmarking feature of browsers. Though, I have been sincerely fascinated by the large enhancements brought to this tool, and this is my review:

Advantage #1 : Tag your bookmarks and easily retrieve them !

Read It Later is definitely one of the most intuitive and efficient solutions to help you to bookmark huge number of pages dealing with different topics, in an intelligent way.
Read It Later stores your bookmarks and displays them on your browser, you need only one click to check them ! You need once more click to list your bookmarks related to a given topic - tag - you have previously set.

Advantage #2 : Read It… Everywhere !

You just need to sign up for an account, to bring your bookmarks everywhere : at Home, in your Office, during a travel, thanks to the multitude of platforms supported by Read It Later : browsers, mobile applications, …

Moreover, using your Android application for example, your bookmarks will be automatically downloaded so that you can check them when you lose connection ! Synchronization feature works without troubles.

Whatever is your devise or your preferred browser, you can find here the appropriate version of Read It Later. Take full advantage of your browsing experience, now !

Pocket (formerly "Read it later !") : An improved bookmarking solution Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on October 02, 2011 Rating: 5


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