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Tounsia | Day One


During the last month, I have been busy as I participate in a web magazine project, Tounsia 4Ever. It has been a great experience of team working, so many things to learn. The team is basically composed of a graphic designer and me.

After designing the layout of our website and writing its detailed specifications, we had to find a passionate developer to turn all this into reality, and to help us to take advantage of the latest web technologies.

The few last weeks were like ages, as we had to learn and to understand so different issues : ergonomics, CMS, forums solutions, hosting, security,...

Now, dream just comes true, but it's not the end, never! Now, it's a big challenge to make the fresh website known as much as possible throughout the web.

Although I have always believed on Internet marketing techniques, and despite all the different tasks I had to do when I was SEO employer, I feel right now huge responsibility for handling a project since its beginning.

In fact, Tounsia 4Ever is not existing label or firm, nor some known figure or artist. It has just been created through an illustration, an icon. This creation aimed to make a new and exclusive place for tunisian women. Facebook has been a great tool to brand the new concept, so that the group we created started to gain notoriety.

For more than one year, the group's forum dramatically became a selected place for dozens of members to discuss about topics regarding social issues and taboos, and to leave feedback about local media.

The need on the website was increasing, so our team started to think seriously about the structure of a likely portal for Tounsia 4Ever community on Facebook, and much more... We have been encouraged to build this web magazine, and so we did!

Only now, I can realize that it's really a challenge to move from an easy-to-use Facebook group to a new empty portal, where a new visitor is not used yet to check the website and to come back there. Moreover, a new visitor is not likely to start the very first topic on the forum of the website. That's a common issue in all new born forums.

I can conclude that link building, search engine optimization and any online marketing technique aren't enough to reach our goals.

We don't just need traffic, rather we want to build a user's experience with the website, to make its content more rich and more social. Here is the challenge.

I guess that we need extra effort to convince people to come
use the new website, not just looking around and forgetting it after a while.

In short, it's much more than webmarketing routines, it's about webmastering. it's like a small business I must care about, and I should be patient.

Tounsia | Day One Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on January 14, 2010 Rating: 5

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